Crate and Barrel Payroll Calendar 2022

Does Crate and Barrel Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Crate and Barrel pays its employees on biweekly basis. The employees will receive 26 paychecks each year. Crate and Barrel operates and owns home furnishings retail locations. It focuses on housewares, home accessories, and furniture, including kitchen and tableware such as china, glassware, and metalware.

How Much Does Crate and Barrel Pay?

The average Crate and Barrel income ranges between $26,936 and $149,536 each year for Sales Consultant and Audit Manager, respectively. The average hourly wage at Crate & Barrel is between $10.66 an hour for Visual Merchandiser to $29.59 an hour for Warehouse Supervisor.

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Rank  ascdesc Job Title  ascdesc Average Salary  ascdesc Hourly Rate  ascdesc Job Openings  ascdesc
1 Occupational Medicine Specialist $183,422 $88
2 Internet Network Specialist $147,238 $71
3 Commodity Specialist $137,245 $66
4 Computer Security Specialist $133,288 $64
5 Senior Application Specialist $131,628 $63
6 Senior Project Specialist $130,838 $63
7 Lead Specialist Technician $125,843 $61
8 Software Engineering Specialist $124,704 $60
9 Software Development Specialist $122,381 $59
10 Information Technology Specialist Lead $117,751 $57
11 Senior Software Specialist $117,461 $56
12 Technical Solutions Specialist $116,942 $56
13 Systems Software Specialist $116,805 $56
14 Lead Network Specialist $115,234 $55
15 Applications Development Specialist $114,123 $55
16 Engineering Project Specialist $110,308 $53
17 Cyber Security Specialist $109,626 $53
18 Senior Specialist Quality Assurance $106,751 $51
19 Pulmonary Disease Specialist $106,592 $51
20 Senior Test Specialist $106,031 $51
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Does Crate and Barrel Pay Overtime?

Indeed surveyed over 243 former and current Crate and Barrel employees about the overtime rules applicable to their position. The most common response was that there is no overtime. When questioned about overtime rates, 56% responded that overtime was paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate, or time and a half.

How Often Does Crate and Barrel Offer Pay Raises?

Indeed surveyed over 261 former and current Crate and Barrel employees regarding the frequency of their salary increases. The majority of respondents reported receiving an annual rise.

Does Crate and Barrel Pay Sick Days?

In a survey of over 472 former and current employees, Indeed inquired as to the number of paid sick days granted for their position. Respondents reported receiving. When questioned if their paid sick days were reset annually, 65% of respondents claimed they were.

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Does Crate and Barrel Pay Time Off?

In a poll of over 472 former and current employees, Indeed inquired as to the number of paid vacation days received. Respondents indicated they did not receive paid vacation days. When questioned if it was simple to obtain paid time off, 32% agreed or strongly agreed.

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