Costco Payroll Calendar 2024

Does Costco Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Costo pays its employees on a biweekly payroll schedule calendar with checks or direct deposits being made every two weeks on Friday. Payroll Days is on Friday, and they give their employees pay cards, so the salary is available at 12:00 am Friday morning.

How Much Does Costco Pay?

Costco pays its employees an average of $17.70 per hour. Hourly wages at Costco vary from an average of $12.36 to $27.00 an hour. Costco workers with the job title Warehouse Supervisor earn the most, having an average hourly rate of $24.74, whereas employees with the title Assistant Cashier get the minimum with an average hourly rate of $12.21.

Highest Paying Jobs At Costco Wholesale

Rank  ascdescJob Title  ascdescAverage Costco Wholesale Salary  ascdescHourly Rate  ascdesc
1Staff Pharmacist$130,931$62.95
2Software Developer$111,030$53.38
3Director, Membership Marketing$79,441$38.19
6Front End Assistant$44,690$21.49
7Tire Installer$41,570$19.99
9Inventory Auditor$38,704$18.61
10Warehouse Worker$37,097$17.84
11Tire Technician$36,731$17.66
12Equipment Operator$36,383$17.49
13Inventory Control Specialist$35,978$17.30
15Cake Decorator$35,216$16.93
17Forklift Operator$34,605$16.64
18Deli Clerk$33,914$16.30
19Forklift Driver$32,038$15.40
20Bakery Assistant$30,772$14.79


Costco Payroll Calendar 2023

Biweekly Costco Payroll Calendar 2023. Use this for reference only.


However, different states may have different pay period schedules based on the regulation of the state where Costco is located.  A pay period is the period where the employees make income. The pay date is the day that the workers are paid. This is the date that is used to decide when payroll obligations are due.