Amazon Payroll Calendar 2024

Amazon Payroll Calendar 2024 – Inc pays their employee an average of $102,567 a year. Wages at Inc vary from an average of $59,715 up to $154,421 per year. Inc workers with the job title Principal Product Manager earn the most having an average yearly salary of $156,207, whereas staff with the title Staff Specialist generate the very least on an average annual salary of $42,821.

Job TitleRangeAverage
Software Development Engineer (SDE)$96k – $152k$123,046
Area Operations Manager$46k – $82k$60,739
Operations Manager$54k – $129k$84,307
Software Engineer$87k – $156k$118,438
Technical Program Manager (TPM)$102k – $172k$138,161
Program Manager (Unspecified Type / General)$66k – $121k$90,303
Solutions Architect$100k – $182k$137,254
Executive Assistant$56k – $88k$71,481
Senior Program Manager (Unspecified Type / General)$97k – $162k$131,776
Senior Software Engineer$111k – $187k$146,591
Senior Financial Analyst$77k – $120k$97,314
Human Resources (HR) Business Partner$57k – $105k$77,367
Senior Product Manager$107k – $161k$136,249
Marketing Manager$66k – $124k$91,462
Amazon Salary Schedule

Amazon Salary Table Inc provides health, dental, plus vision insurance coverage. Inc additionally offers group life insurance, short-term impairment insurance for incidents or even illness, and long-term disability insurance. Employer-funded pension programs help to save a stable money flow later in life. More info about Amazon Employee Benefits.

Does Amazon pay weekly or biweekly?

Amazon pays weekly. The impact of the pandemic led Amazon to alter its policy on payments. Amazon made changes to some employees’ payroll weekly. Employees who were paid biweekly and monthly were changed to weekly pay. Weekly pay was usually only given to seasonal and part-time employees before the Covid 19 Pandemic.

However, before the pandemic, different states, areas, and departments had different pay schedules. The employees in Los Angeles or California are being paid biweekly. Meanwhile, in Washington and Seattle, they were paid a monthly payroll schedule.