Celadon Trucking Payroll Calendar 2023

Does Celadon Trucking Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Celadon Trucking pays its employees on weekly basis every Friday. Celadon offers long-distance and regional full-truckload freight transportation throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Celadon Logistics Services provides freight management, freight brokerage, less-than-truckload consolidation, and supply chain management solutions like warehousing and dedicated fleet services. The Company also owns Celadon Logistics Services. Celadon provides long-haul, regional, local, and dedicated US truckload services in addition to international business.

How Much Does Celadon Trucking Pay?

The average annual compensation at Celadon Trucking ranges from around $30,000 for Receiving Supervisor to $116,213 for Salesforce Developer. Average hourly compensation at Celadon Trucking ranges from $9.81 an hour for Attendant to $33.17 an hour for Python Developer.

Highest Paying Jobs At Celadon Group

Rank  ascdesc Job Title  ascdesc Average Celadon Group Salary  ascdesc Hourly Rate  ascdesc
1 Owner/Operator $180,328 $86.70
2 Regional Sales Manager $115,196 $55.38
3 Continuous Improvement Engineer $80,587 $38.74
4 Over The Road Driver $69,207 $33.27
5 Truck Driver $68,679 $33.02
6 Operations Analyst $64,224 $30.88
7 Diesel Mechanic $52,350 $25.17
8 Maintenance Coordinator $47,403 $22.79
9 Recruiter $45,158 $21.71
10 Freight Rate Analyst $44,058 $21.18
11 Trailer Mechanic $37,087 $17.83
12 Operations Manager $37,006 $17.79
13 Load Planner $35,191 $16.92
14 Benefit Specialist $34,591 $16.63
15 Finance Internship $32,565 $15.66
16 Forklift Operator $32,348 $15.55
17 Dispatcher $29,476 $14.17
18 Assembler $27,363 $13.16
19 Customer Service Representative $26,291 $12.64

How Often Does Celadon Trucking Offer Raises?

Indeed’s study surveyed over 23 former and current Celadon Trucking employees how frequently they received pay increases. The majority of respondents reported receiving an annual rise.

Does Celadon Trucking Pay Sick Days?

In a survey of over 312 former and current employees, Indeed inquired as to how many pay sick days employees received for their position. Respondents reported receiving. When asked whether their pay sick days reset annually, 32% of respondents answered they did.

Does Celadon Trucking Pay Time Off?

In a poll of over 312 former and current employees, Indeed inquired about the number of paid vacation days received for their position. Respondents indicated they did not receive paid vacation days. When asked if it was simple to obtain paid time off, 19% agreed or strongly agreed.