Walgreens Payroll Calendar 2023

Does Walgreens Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Walgreens pay their employee biweekly. The pay period starts the week of your paystub, which you get on Fridays. The biweekly pay period calendar typically starts on Saturday and ends on the second Friday. That means you’ll receive 26 paychecks per year. 

How Much Does Walgreens Pay?

Walgreens is a pharmaceutical retail chain. Prescription filling, health and wellness items, health information, and picture services are among the services offered by the company. In addition to food, home health care goods, personal care items, pharmaceuticals, and contact lenses, this store has a wide range of health and beauty products, as well as items for the home and for the body.

The average hourly wage at Walgreens ranges from $8.77 an hour for a Front End Associate to $30.86 an hour for a Route Driver. The typical Walgreens income varies from $17,324 for a host/cashier to $117,297 for a pharmacy manager.

Highest Paying Jobs At Walgreens

Rank  ascdesc Job Title  ascdesc Average Walgreens Salary  ascdesc Hourly Rate  ascdesc
1 Staff Pharmacist $127,007 $61.06
2 Pharmacy Internship $85,087 $40.91
3 Pharmacy Technician Internship $79,243 $38.10
4 Photo Specialist $36,135 $17.37
5 Photo Technologist $36,133 $17.37
6 Assistant Manager $35,495 $17.06
7 Store Team Leader $35,403 $17.02
8 Assistant Store Manager $33,722 $16.21
9 Beauty Advisor $33,452 $16.08
10 Services Clerk $33,162 $15.94
11 Beauty Consultant $32,760 $15.75
12 Shift Leader $32,113 $15.44
13 Stocker $31,621 $15.20
14 Sales Clerk $30,611 $14.72
15 Pharmacist Technician $30,217 $14.53
16 Sales Associate $28,933 $13.91
17 Customer Service Representative $28,807 $13.85
18 Customer Service Associate $28,350 $13.63
19 Cashier $27,409 $13.18
Walgreens Payroll Calendar 2023

Biweekly Walgreens Payroll Calendar 2023. Use this for reference only.


Please keep in mind that these numbers are just for the benefit of users who want to make general comparisons. Your employer should be able to provide you with an accurate breakdown of earnings because the prevailing minimum wage differs from region to region.