USPS Payroll Calendar 2024

The USPS 2024 payroll calendar also helps the company by being able to track employees as far in the past as one year. You can see how much money your employee has made when they started, what days they were working, and any bonuses they may have received. You will be able to easily identify a pattern so you can determine the proper time for their next bonus or other incentives. This will make it easier for the company to reward employees when they deserve it. Having your employees kept organized also helps you ensure that they get paid on time.

This calendar will be beneficial for new employees. This program will be useful to all your employees, whether you are a large company or a small business. Most employees have their own specific dates for their pay, but many are not even aware of it. By having this calendar, you can notify them of when their pay goes, which is useful for employees who are laid off or who have just been promoted.

USPS Payroll Calendar 2023

USPS Payroll Calendar 2023

The following chart lists the 2024 pay periods. For the convenience of timekeepers, each biweekly pay period appears as two separate weeks, with the beginning and ending dates indicated for each week.

The leave year always begins the first day of the first full pay period in the calendar year. The 2024 leave year begins January 4, 2020 (Pay Period 02-2022), extends for 26 full pay periods, and ends January 1, 2024 (Pay Period 01-2021). Source

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