The Home Depot Payroll Calendar 2023

Does The Home Depot Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

The Home Depot pays their employees biweekly. Payroll runs from Monday through Sunday of a second week. Payment is issued on the following Friday, and it is the same timetable for all levels of staff.  That means you’ll receive 26 paychecks per year.

How Much Does The Home Depot Pay?

The Home Depot is a shop specializing in home renovation products. It maintains storefronts and an e-commerce website where it sells appliances, bath and door goods, building materials, hardware, lawn and garden products, flooring, décor and furniture, kitchenware, heating and cooling, plumbing, lighting, storage and organization, and tools. Additionally, the organization offers exterior home installation, HVAC installation, flooring installation, kitchen renovation and upgrades, and other home services.

Employees at The Home Depot earn an average of $30,209 per year or $14.52 per hour on a nationwide level. However, there is a large disparity in earnings between the top 10% of earners and the bottom 10% of earners. While The Home Depot’s highest-paid employees earn more than $42,000 per year, the lowest-paid employees earn just under $21,000.

Additionally, the department in which you work might have an impact on the compensation. The average annual income for employees in the Plant/Manufacturing department is $34,373, while employees in the Warehouse area receive an average annual salary of $34,203. Geographic location might also have an impact on the remuneration of employees at The Home Depot.

Highest Paying Jobs At The Home Depot

Rank  ascdesc Job Title  ascdesc Average The Home Depot Salary  ascdesc Hourly Rate  ascdesc
1 Senior Software Engineer $126,365 $60.75
2 Department Manager $38,910 $18.71
3 Night Stocker $37,650 $18.10
4 Department Supervisor $37,535 $18.05
5 Overnight Stocker $37,404 $17.98
6 Warehouse Worker $37,101 $17.84
7 Forklift Operator $34,997 $16.83
8 Assistant Store Manager $34,358 $16.52
9 Lot Attendant $33,712 $16.21
10 Delivery Coordinator $32,287 $15.52
11 Bookkeeper $30,390 $14.61
12 Garden Associate $30,279 $14.56
13 Lead Generator $29,677 $14.27
14 Merchandising Execution Team $29,485 $14.18
15 Sales Specialist $29,242 $14.06
16 Sales Associate $29,021 $13.95
17 Customer Assistant $28,515 $13.71
18 Flooring Specialist $28,258 $13.59
19 Will-Call Coordinator $27,885 $13.41
20 Customer Service Representative $27,360 $13.15


The Home Depot Payroll Calendar

Biweekly The Home Depot Payroll Calendar 2023. Use this for reference only.


Please keep in mind that these numbers are supplied to users solely for the purpose of making general comparisons. Because the minimum wage differs by authority, you should first confirm your earnings with your employer.