State of Arkansas Payroll Calendar 2024

Arkansas’ minimum wage is $10.00. Starting on January 1, 2024, the base pay will grow to $11.00. Arkansas’ base pay requirement uses just for companies with four or more workers unless an exception or exemption uses. Likewise, Arkansas companies need to adhere to federal base pay laws, which presently sets the federal base pay at $7.25.

In case a company selects to pay staff members base pay, the company needs to pay those staff members under the base pay law, either federal or state, which leads to the staff members being paid the greater wage. In most Arkansas circumstances, the federal base pay law will use as it usually ensures a greater wage rate for workers than state law.

Corporations doing business in Arkansas need to pay their staff members semi-monthly. Corporations with yearly gross earnings of $500,000 or more can pay management level, and executive workers exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and make a gross annual wage of more than $25,000 a minimum of when each month.

Arkansas Income Tax Withholding

Arkansas law needs companies to keep state earnings tax from staff members’ incomes and remit the quantities kept to the Department of Finance and Administration.

Unique border city exemptions look for homeowners of Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texarkana, Texas. Texarkana, Arkansas, homeowners are exempt from Arkansas earnings tax and withholding; nevertheless, they should submit a tax return and offer their companies with Form AR-TX to accredit their residency and exemption from tax withholding.

Texarkana, Texas locals, are exempt from Arkansas earnings tax and withholding on salaries made in Texarkana, Arkansas, however, should pay Arkansas tax on earnings made in other parts of Arkansas Other Texas homeowners on all incomes earned in any part of Arkansas.

Making use of the payroll templates makes everything so much easier. It is highly beneficial to have them in place so that there is never any confusion for the staff about their pay. and if you are a staff, you will always have info when your next salary payment is due.

Arkansas State Payroll Calendar

State of Arkansas Payroll Calendar 2024