State of Alabama Payroll Calendar 2022

Employees in Alabama are required to declare the state A-4 form instead of the federal government W-2. In which companies can get a tax credit for giving basic knowledge to their staff members. There is no state-mandated minimum wage regulation in Alabama. The state of Alabama complies with the federal government minimum salary at $7.25 per hour, and overtime is not mandate. The Company covered with Alabama’s income payment law required biweekly calendar payment (two time in a month)must pay wages around two times in a calendar month as well as not beyond 15 days complying with the close of the pay period.

State of Alabama Payroll Calendar 2022

State of Alabama Payroll Calendar 2022

Alabama Income Tax Withholding

Staffs must use the state form A-4 as well as may not use the federal W-4 as an alternative because Alabama as well as federal law are different in the number of exceptions granted.

Full-time students who make less than $1,800 per year and also who expect to owe no Alabama income tax may file Form A-4E, Staff’s Withholding Exception Certificate. This certificate expires on Dec. 31 of each year. source


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