Nordstrom Payroll Calendar 2024

Does Nordstrom Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Nordstrom pays the employees on a biweekly payroll, which is paid on 5th and 20th of each month. The typical Nordstrom employee receives two paychecks every month. Direct deposit is provided. The salary schedule, however, may vary depending on the state labor laws.

How Much Does Nordstrom Pay?

Nordstrom, Inc. was formed in 1901, over a century ago. Nordstrom was founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in Seattle, Washington, as a shoe business. Since then, the company’s collection has extended to include apparel, accessories, purses, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances.

The typical Nordstrom compensation ranges from $23,452 to $163,735 a year, depending on the position. The average hourly wage at Nordstrom ranges from about $10.00 for a Front Desk Receptionist to $28.80 for a Fine Jewelry Sales Associate.

Highest Paying Jobs at Nordstrom

Rank  ascdescJob Title  ascdescAverage Nordstrom Salary  ascdescHourly Rate  ascdesc
2Assistant Manager$47,344$22.76
3Makeup Artist$47,054$22.62
4Department Manager$45,597$21.92
5Logistics Specialist$34,639$16.65
6Loss Prevention Agent$33,874$16.29
7Warehouse Worker$33,411$16.06
8Sales Person$32,691$15.72
9Beauty Advisor$31,300$15.05
10Retail Clerk$31,138$14.97
11In-Stock Associate$30,509$14.67
12Customer Service Representative$30,450$14.64
13Project Management Internship$30,277$14.56
15Sales Associate$28,890$13.89
18Visual Merchandiser$28,127$13.52
19Personal Stylist$28,082$13.50
20Personal Shopper$28,042$13.48


Please keep in mind that these numbers are supplied to users solely for the purpose of making broad comparisons. Because the minimum wage differs by authority, you should first confirm your earnings with your employer.

Nordstrom Payroll Calendar 2023

Biweekly Nordstrom Payroll Calendar 2023. Use this for reference only.