Federal Payroll Schedule 2024

Federal Payroll Schedule 2024 – Employees of the federal government are paid on the same day, irrespective of their pay scale. The federal government pays wages on a biweekly basis, which is referred to as a pay period. A pay period is generally defined as 80 hours of work. Staff who work under 80 hours per pay period, like those on unpaid leave or hourly employees, will be paid pro-rata. Pay periods begin on Sunday and end at midnight on Saturday.

Sick and vacation time are also taken into account when calculating pay. Paid leave is also accrued at a pro-rated rate if an employee does not work 80 hours within the pay period.

Federal Payroll Schedule Calendar 2024

Federal Payroll Schedule 2023

Federal Payroll Schedule 2023


Wednesday morning is payday. However, most employees’ payment is usually transferred into their bank accounts on Thursday morning. In some cases, employees may receive the salary on Wednesday afternoon. Employees who bank with a federal credit union or other banks collaborating with the federal government will most likely have their pay deposited on Wednesday afternoon. ​

The payment is made within two weeks after the pay period is over. The employees are hired at the beginning of the pay period. Therefore, new employees must be working for nearly four weeks before they receive their first paycheck.