Dollar Tree Stores Payroll Calendar 2024

Does Dollar Tree Stores Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Dollar Tree Stores pays their employees biweekly, you get paid every two weeks on every other Friday. The pay period ended the Saturday before you got paid.

This does not imply that the second and fourth weeks are when you receive payment. Payment is made the following Friday after the pay period ends on the second week’s Saturday. Additionally, Dollar Tree provides its employees with modest raises each year.

A biweekly payroll calendar allows the business a week to calculate your total hours worked, potential commissions, and deductibles before paying you.

However, this is just applicable to hourly-paid employees. Corporations’ management, project planning, marketing, and human resources positions are more likely to come with monthly payments.

How Much Does Dollar Tree Stores Pay?

Dollar Tree Stores Inc pays its employees a little bit more than the minimum wage an hourly wage of $10.38. Dollar Tree Stores Inc’s hourly salary is between 7.65 dollars and 14.46 dollars an hour on average. The Merchandising Manager employees at Dollar Tree Stores Inc make most of the job with a $14.39 average hourly rate. In contrast, Cashier-titled employees do the lowest with an average hourly rate of $8.55.

Additionally, they offer bonuses between $500 and $2500 each year. Besides health, vision, and dental insurance, you may also qualify to receive disability, dismemberment, and accidental death coverage.

Highest Paying Jobs At Dollar Tree

Rank  ascdescJob Title  ascdescAverage Dollar Tree Salary  ascdescHourly Rate  ascdesc
1Store Manager$42,474$20.42
2Assistant Manager$37,454$18.01
3Order Selector$34,789$16.73
4Warehouse Worker$33,718$16.21
5Forklift Operator$33,695$16.20
7Customer Service Representative$28,398$13.65
8In-Stock Associate$27,435$13.19
9Sales Associate$27,311$13.13
12Stock Unloader$25,128$12.08
13Stock Clerk$23,609$11.35


Dollar Tree has no paid sick or vacation days, unlike many other jobs. It is required for employees to work for at least two weeks before receiving their first pay. Dollar Tree doesn’t offer incentives for working weekends or holidays, and bonuses only come in at $1.50. However, provide benevolent paid time off (PTO) rules. Employees can earn a reward for working overtime and are permitted to use up to ten sick or vacation days.

Dollar Tree Storaes Payroll Calendar 2023

Biweekly Dollar Tree Storaes Payroll Calendar 2023. Use this for reference only.