Caption Call Payroll Calendar 2023

Does Caption Call Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Caption Call pays their employees on semi-monthly basis which is on 7th and 22nd each month.

CaptionCall is a provider of captioned telephone services. It provides free CaptionCall mobile applications with voice-to-text technology for the deaf.

How Much Does Caption Call Pay?

The average Caption Call rate of pay varies by around $20,751 a year for Mentor to $149,983 a year for Senior Director. The average hourly wage for Caption Call ranges between $10.94 an hour for Communications Assistant and $30.00 an hour for Engineering Intern.

Highest Paying Jobs at Caption Call

Rank  ascdesc Job Title  ascdesc Average CaptionCall Salary  ascdesc Hourly Rate  ascdesc
1 Senior Software Engineer $125,375 $60.28
2 Account Manager $63,382 $30.47
3 Trainer Lead $61,969 $29.79
4 Team Leader/Supervisor $52,647 $25.31
5 Communications Specialist $51,026 $24.53
6 Operations Administrator $45,581 $21.91
7 Installer/Trainer $44,217 $21.26
8 Direct Sales Representative $43,059 $20.70
9 Communications Associate $41,439 $19.92
10 Operations Coordinator $39,565 $19.02
11 Customer Service Representative $32,596 $15.67
12 Captioning Assistant $31,732 $15.26
13 Mentor $31,427 $15.11
14 Call Center Associate $30,885 $14.85
15 Communication Assistant $30,282 $14.56
16 Cashier $26,651 $12.81

Does Caption Call Pay Overtime?

Indeed asked over 62 former and current Caption Call employees about the overtime policy applicable to their position. The most prevalent response was. When asked regarding overtime pay, 56% of respondents said there was none.

Caption Call Payroll Calendar 2023

Semi-Monthly Caption Call Payroll Calendar 2023. Use this for reference only.

How Often Does Caption Call Offer Raises?

Indeed asked over 66 former and current Caption Call employees how frequently they got pay raises while employed there. According to the majority of respondents, there isn’t any set period for receiving a raise.

Does Caption Call Pay Time Off?

In a survey of over 535 former and current employees, Indeed inquired about the number of paid vacation days received for their position. Respondents indicated they did not receive paid vacation days. Forty-three percent of people who were asked said it was simple to ask for paid time off.