Bank of America Payroll Calendar 2024

Does Bank of America Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

The employees’ salaries are paid on a biweekly payroll. Depending on the labor laws in the state in which they work, their compensation schedule may differ from that of their co-workers.

How Much Does Bank of America Pay?

Bank of America Corporation (usually known as Bank of America and frequently shortened as BofA or BoA) is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based international investment banking and financial service holding corporation. The bank was formed in San Francisco and bought by NationsBank of Charlotte in 1998. It is the United States’ second biggest bank holding business.

The average annual compensation at Bank of America Corp. (BOFA) varies from $48,911 to $138,162. Individuals with the position Vice President (VP), Information Technology (IT) at Bank of America Corp. (BOFA) get the highest average annual pay of $138,162, while workers with the position Relationship Manager earn the lowest average annual compensation of $48,911.

Highest Paying Jobs At Bank Of America

Rank  ascdescJob Title  ascdescAverage Bank of America Salary  ascdescHourly Rate  ascdesc
1Consultant Systems Engineer$121,880$58.60
2Senior Java Developer$120,423$57.90
3Lead Operator$100,678$48.40
4Senior Software Engineer$91,202$43.85
5Assistant Vice President Operations$90,486$43.50
6Technical Associate$89,760$43.15
7Account Executive$88,641$42.62
8Team Leader$86,445$41.56
9Business Analyst$75,776$36.43
10Customer Relationship Manager$73,758$35.46
11Finance Vice President$65,497$31.49
12Loan Officer$60,015$28.85
13Specialist-Small Business$58,835$28.29
14Operation Supervisor$57,335$27.56
15Finance Advisor$57,099$27.45
16Mortgage Underwriter$53,727$25.83
17Support Lead$52,921$25.44
18Banking Center Manager$49,785$23.94
19Service Specialist$48,120$23.13
20Administrative Assistant$47,282$22.73

Please keep in mind that these data are just for the benefit of users who want to draw comparisons between various products. You first must check with your company to find out how much you’ll be paid, as this minimum wage differs from state to state.

Bank of America Payroll Calendar 2023

Biweekly Bank of America Payroll Calendar 2023. Use this for reference only.