AstraZeneca Payroll Calendar 2024

AstraZeneca is a large, science-driven biopharmaceutical company with a focus on the development, production, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Oncology, cardiology, renal and metabolism, autoimmunity, respiratory, neuroscience, infection, and gastroenterology are among the therapeutic areas in which it creates new medications.

Does AstraZeneca Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Most AstraZeneca employees receive weekly pay by direct deposit every Thursday or Friday. Direct deposit is faster than check payments, especially if you must deposit the paycheck the next business day.

How Much Does AstraZeneca Pay?

The average annual salary at AstraZeneca varies from about $50,000 for Warehouse Manager to $230,455 for Unit Director. Average AstraZeneca hourly pay ranges between $14.87 an hour for Distribution Assistant and $80.00 an hour for Data Consultant.

Highest Paying Jobs At AstraZeneca

Rank  ascdescJob Title  ascdescAverage AstraZeneca Salary  ascdescHourly Rate  ascdesc
3Medical Science Liaison$153,849$73.97
4Specialty Representative$143,741$69.11
5Senior Manager$134,619$64.72
6Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist$130,904$62.93
7Program Lead$130,868$62.92
8District Sales Manager$130,312$62.65
9SAP Security Consultant$128,289$61.68
10Human Resources Business Partner$119,788$57.59
11Account Executive$114,046$54.83
12Business Analyst$111,763$53.73
13Lead Technician$111,752$53.73
14ETL Developer$110,847$53.29
15Clinical Statistical Programmer$109,338$52.57
16Systems Administrator$108,645$52.23
17SAS Programmer$104,355$50.17
18Data Analyst$100,452$48.29
19Senior Scientist$97,859$47.05
20Quality Assurance Specialist$88,167$42.39

When Will You Get Your First AstraZeneca Paycheck?

The day of the first paycheck will ultimately depend on your employer’s pay schedule. You can anticipate getting your first payment at the end of the payment period that your employer has planned, for instance, if you start working at the start of a new pay cycle.

Last but not least, working for AstraZeneca could be a fantastic way to increase your income. But it’s important to remember that your total pay will differ depending on your position and location.