7-Eleven Payroll Calendar 2024

7 Eleven Payroll Calendar7-Eleven, Inc. averages $10.80 per hour for its employees. The hourly rate at 7-Eleven, Inc. is $8.52 to $16.29 per hour. 7-Eleven, Inc. employees who hold the job title Retail store manager make the most, with an hourly average of $13.90. Sales Clerk/Cashier employees make the least, with an hourly average of $9.99.

Does 7 Eleven pay weekly or Bi-weekly?

7-Eleven pays its employees on weekly payroll calendar schedule, in addition 7-Eleven pay for the training staff as well. However, there some report saying they also pay on biweekly schedule, to be sure please check the nearest 7-Eleven store location.

Does 7 Eleven pay overtime?

Under the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), many 7-Eleven employees are considered non-exempt and therefore entitled to overtime pay. If an employee is non-exempt under the FLSA, the law requires that they are paid overtime wages of one and one-half times their regular rate of pay for every hour past 40 in one week.