Family Dollar Payroll Calendar 2024

Family Dollar pays its employees on biweekly basis. Dollar Tree’s pay cycle lasts from Sunday through Saturday. Compared to other retail stores, Family Dollar has a lower minimum wage of $8 per hour.

When Do Dollar Store Employees Get Paid?

Employees at Family Dollar receive their paychecks every two weeks. Additionally, Dollar Tree’s pay cycle begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Payment options include direct deposits, paper checks, and company-issued debit cards.

A 401k, credit union membership, health insurance, and vision/dental care are available to full-time employees. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about working at Family Dollar and earning a salary and benefits!

More about Family Dollar

Family Dollar is often one of the few stores where customers can buy food, household items, toys, and school supplies. Family Dollar has more than 8,000 stores across the United States.

Family Dollar is a good alternative for anyone looking for a career because it continually opens new stores. I’ve done a lot of research on the issue if you’re interested in learning what it’s like to work at Family Dollar, how much it pays, and whether or not it pays weekly.

The company’s rapid expansion has resulted in many employment opportunities at Family Dollar. In terms of hourly earnings, Family Dollar employees earn more than the minimum wage, but less than the national average. A full-time employee or one who works more than 40 hours a week at Family Dollar is eligible for a benefits such as listed below :

  • 401k
  • Credit union membership
  • Medical
  • Vision and dental coverage
  • Life and disability insurance

In addition, a wellness program and an employee support program are available as additional perks for employees.