Brightview Payroll Calendar 2024

Does Brightview Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Brightview pays their employees on weekly basis. They receive their weekly paycheck via direct deposit on the same day each week, which is Friday.

How Much Does Brightview Pay?

The typical compensation at Brightview ranges from around $25,550 a year for Safety Officer to $130,705 a year for Regional Sales Manager. The average Brightview hourly wage ranges from $11.64 an hour for Receptionist and $23.59 an hour for Snow Shoveler.

Highest Paying Jobs at BrightView

Rank  ascdescJob Title  ascdescAverage BrightView Salary  ascdescHourly Rate  ascdesc
1Registered Nurse$73,792$35.48
3Food Service Director$62,032$29.82
4Executive Chef$62,029$29.82
5Production Manager$58,488$28.12
6Account Manager$54,551$26.23
7Sales Consultant$53,738$25.84
8Construction Foreman$52,693$25.33
9Licensed Practical Nurse$52,476$25.23
10Medical Technologist$48,550$23.34
11Job Foreman$46,833$22.52
14Crew Leader$38,647$18.58
15Golf Course Superintendent$38,252$18.39
16Activities Director$38,161$18.35
17Loan Processor$37,543$18.05
18Maintenance Worker$37,214$17.89
19Concrete Finisher$36,726$17.66
20Irrigation Technician$35,628$17.13

Does Brightview Pay Overtime?

In a poll conducted by Indeed, approximately 70 current and past Brightview workers were asked about the overtime policy applicable to their position. The most common response was. When questioned about overtime rates, 57% responded that overtime was paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate, or time and a half.

How Often Does Brightview Give Pay Raises?

The Indeed survey asked over 184 former and current Brightview employees how frequently they received wage rises. The majority of respondents reported never receiving a pay increase.

Does Brightview Pay Sick Days?

Indeed questioned over 634 former and current employees regarding the number of paid sick days they earned for their position. Respondents reported receiving. 55% of people who answered the question said that their paid sick days reset every year.

Does Brightview Pay Time Off?

In a survey of over 634 former and current employees, Indeed inquired about the number of paid vacation days each participant got. Respondents indicated they did not receive paid vacation days. When asked if it was simple to obtain paid time off, 29% agreed or strongly agreed.