Aerotek Payroll Calendar 2024

Does Aerotek Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Aerotek pays the employees weekly every Friday. The first check will take two weeks. Since the job is on a contract based, the employees are not paid time off.

How Much Does Aerotek Pay?

From about $34,785 for a Supply Clerk to $122,030 for a Plant Manager, the typical Aerotek compensation ranges. From around $14.68 an hour for a Food Service Associate to $40.00 an hour for a HEDIS Nurse, Aerotek’s average hourly salary ranges.

Aerotek pays its employees an average income of $34,369, however there is a significant difference in compensation based on the position. Software engineers, electrical engineers, recruiting managers, and electricians are among the Aerotek roles with the highest salaries. Aerotek offers an average annual pay of $101,399 for employees with the title software engineer. Other positions like cashier and janitor can also be considered to obtain a better idea of the pay at Aerotek. Aerotek’s title cashier makes $26,453 year as a reference.

Highest Paying Jobs at Aerotek

Rank  ascdescJob Title  ascdescAverage Aerotek Salary  ascdescHourly Rate  ascdesc
1Software Engineer$101,399$48.75
2Electrical Engineer$84,544$40.65
3Recruitment Manager$60,700$29.18
5Production Supervisor$53,904$25.92
6Account Manager$48,085$23.12
8Maintenance Technician$42,014$20.20
9Sales Trainee$40,524$19.48
11Computer Numerical Controller Machinist$38,383$18.45
12Human Resources Coordinator$38,335$18.43
13Loan Processor$37,998$18.27
14Accounts Payable Clerk$37,649$18.10
16Medical Assistant$36,070$17.34
18Quality Control Inspector$34,801$16.73
19Laboratory Technician$34,627$16.65
20Administrative Assistant$34,547$16.61

Please keep in mind that these numbers are just offered to users to enable for broad comparisons. Because the minimum wage differs by area, you must first confirm your earnings with your employer.